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Spaces for Life: So, what are people doing with their kitchens and baths these days?

“So…what are people doing these days?

This may be one of the most common questions I hear! It is also my least favorite! Let’s face it, no matter how much you intend to invest in your kitchen or bath remodel, chances are good it will be an expensive undertaking. With that being said… the answer is people are doing what they love! I like to say that kitchens and bathrooms are like dogs. They look like their owners!

This does require some bravery. You have been told time and time again to keep your home universally appealing for resale. If you are planning this remodel in order to sell your home or plan to sell soon, then this is good advice. Otherwise let’s make it fit you and your family’s needs and taste!

Here are some tips for your next project:

Think about how you really use the space now. Ask yourself what works? What doesn’t?
Not everyone uses their kitchens and baths in the same way. Your kitchen, for instance, may not be used for entertaining. Perhaps what you are looking for is a space for family dinners and homework. A master bathroom may not always be a quiet getaway as some find it a fun place to hang out while getting ready for the day or baths for the kiddos at night. Make it work for you!

Think about what the next 15-20 years will bring!
It may be hard to tell what’s around the corner but it is good to contemplate this in the design of any space. Children, grandchildren, aging and even resale do need to be taken into account. If you are having trouble imagining how these changes might impact your design you should talk to someone who does have a good idea. Talk you your friends with kids or grandchildren to see what they would change about their kitchens or what they most enjoy. For those considering aging in their homes it might be good to think about your parents and their needs as they grow older. For resale your best contact is your realtor!

Be true to yourself.
After you have a layout for the space it is time to develop the overall look and feel. It is common for homeowners to have a different style than the homes they live in but a good designer can tie it together for a seamless look. Do you love modern clean spaces or ultra traditional… or somewhere in-between? These days anything goes and with a good design the look can stand the test of time and changing trends.

Ask for the impossible!
During the design phase of your project you should put all your wants and needs on the table. Consider nothing off limits or impossible. You never know what a good designer or architect will have up their sleeve! The truth is, we love a good challenge and will do what we can to get you everything on the list!

Get a good team in place.
Your remodel will be dramatically impacted by those who are working to make it a success. It is important that you are heard and that they understand what is important to you. When your space is completely finished it should feel that it was designed and built by you! With these tips you should be well on your way to creating a personal and well designed project! Best of luck to you on your remodel!

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