We were enlisted to overhaul this family’s kitchen and main living space.  The existing kitchen was original to the home and, let’s face it, kitchens have come a long way in the past 30 years!  The first step for us was getting a layout with much better work/traffic flow.  We then layered in high functioning cabinetry and updated finishes.  The outcome is a space that works much better for family gatherings.  They also love the bright and airy feel of their updated kitchen.

After Photo
This Before Photo shows the original “U” shaped kitchen. The kitchen lacked good work flow and felt cramped.
Another Before Photo shows the existing range on this side wall of the kitchen. This is in the traffic flow to the dining room and basement steps. It also lacked proximity to the sink.
After Photo: Our solution was to locate the refrigerator to this back wall so it would be accessible for those looking to grab a quick beverage or snack but also at hand for meal preparation and clean up. You can also find the microwave, oven, and warming drawer located here as it is out of the way but still close at hand. Counter space left and right allows for a landing space for each appliance and additional storage here functions as additional pantry.
After Photo: By locating the cooktop and sink across from each other the cook can work away without obstruction. There is also immense storage left and right of the range and sink so that every utensil is at hand.
Before Photo: The living room was in need of a basic update. With the original cabinetry more suited to outdated media it was time for a change. They did update their existing fireplace not long ago and were happy with it…so we kept it and incorporated it into the design.
After Photo: We did remove remove a window in order to make this design happen. The view was worth sacrificing and the result is dynamic! We are just waiting on their finishing touches!

We love the mix of finishes on this project. From painted white cabinets to a dark rich gray cabinets. The stunning walnut is just the thing to add warmth! You can also see a mix of metals from the stainless steel appliances to black and gold hardware. For lighting we went with black lanterns for high impact.