Programming:  This is the most important part of the design process.  This is all about collecting information.  We will cover many topics, starting with the desired function of the space all the way to the look you hope to achieve. Many times an interview will be sufficient in gathering the information needed to develop a design for your space.  Sometimes client surveys are used.

Helpful Hint:  Collect pictures of spaces you love,even if they are not exactly related to you’re your project.  Also don’t forget to be open with your space.  You can’t even imagine what a new set of eyes and ideas will bring to your project and some of the best designs are totally different than what was originally anticipated.

Schematic:  This phase can sometimes seem a little chaotic.  Sheets of trace paper and vellum are used as overlays to keep brainstorming flowing.  This process is usually done between client meetings but final ideas and changes may take place during a meeting.  At the conclusion of the schematic design phase you will have a basic floor plan and perhaps an elevation or two.  Once we have completed the schematic phase we move into design development.

Design Development:  This is the final step in getting you a completed design.  A completed floor plan as well as a full set of elevations is produced.  If you choose to utilize Orion Design in product selections, you will also be provided with a full set of selection schedules.  Selection of materials and finishes is most often considered to be the biggest challenge.  In working with Orion Design you get a designer who understands what you are looking for and knows where to look.  Most often materials are brought to you during meetings in your home.  Occasionally a trip to a showroom is needed.

Project Coordination:  It is finally time to make the design come to life!  When working with Orion Design for your project coordination you will be introduced to the various professionals that will be working to complete your project.  This will include a lead carpenter. Orion Design and your lead carpenter will work together as a team to make your project a success.  Your lead carpenter will be in charge of pulling the permit for your project and will also put together a projected schedule.  During the build process Orion Design will be working to make sure communication is a priority and will facilitate progress meetings to make sure that you are fully aware of what is going on in your home.  You will also be introduced to the various suppliers of materials.  All agreements will be between you and the professionals but will be reviewed and verified by Orion Design.  It is our job to make sure you are getting what you are paying for, in both service and quality of product and installation.  Once the project is close to completion Orion Design will supervise the punch list process to make sure nothing is left undone.  At completion and throughout the first year of living in your new space Orion Design will also coordinate any warranty issues that may come up.