This family wanted a dramatic and welcoming space to entertain, and had plenty of room in their partially finished basement. The upper level of the home is bright, and we liked the idea of bringing in deep, rich tones for a dramatic contrast. We wanted to break up their large basement space to give each zone a separate, cozy, and intimate feel but make sure to retain a sense of flow.

The main challenge for this space was the sheer size. We took our inspiration from the custom cowhide panels that we designed, incorporating navy blue as an anchor and accents of a rich caramel and vibrant teal. We took advantage of some of the beams and soffits that had been an issue and used them to delineate the spaces. The design allows each space to have a distinct feel while also tying into the overall vibe we were looking to achieve. Once you make your way to this moody blue lounge it is hard to leave!

Photography by Josie Henderson