When we first laid eyes on 5410 W. 61st Place #210 It was love at first sight.  Just to be clear we fell in love with the large windows…and that was about it!  It had the space that we needed and the location was perfect but the overall look and feel of it was, well, disappointing.  So we got to work doing what we do best. The redesign of the space made it absolutely perfect for us!

After photo of our design library
Before photo: The only good thing in this space was the natural light. The fluorescent lighting, carpet, vertical blinds, and bland paint scheme had to go. We also hated how chopped up the spaces felt.
After photo: We opened up the wall between the library and the conference room making the space feel much larger. This also gave us an incredible view of the windows.
After photo
After photo
After photo

We were excited to have a conference room but as you can see we had some work to do in order to bring it up to date. The new wide glass doors, dramatic paint color, and lvp flooring laid the foundation for the space. We then brought in stunning furniture selections, unique and original art as well as new lighting. This may be our most favorite space of all!

Left: Before photo

After photo of the Orion Design Library

Above: Three before photos showing the outdated finishes

After photo of our work room. We are suckers for a good pop of color! We also added a band of deep navy at the base of the walls to give the room some drama. It also made the space feel a bit cozy!
After photo of our hall. We use this space as a gallery to show off work that is underway and some of our favorite projects. The moss panels also bring in a bit of life!
After photo: Another look at our gallery wall. It is ever changing as we have new projects and finishes to showcase.